learning to love the process.

Sunday mornings are my favorite moment of the entire week. And today is a quiet morning here in Los Angeles. The sun is hiding behind the clouds which disrupts everyones routine of waking up, grabbing coffee, working out or taking a hike to runyon. Perhaps like everyone else who is not hungover from an excess of mexican food, margaritas and beer, I am starting the day early and tackling my long to-do list with coffee in hand. 

Last night I went to see the avengers in 3D. I left the theatre loving (even more) Tony Stark aka “genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist”. And wanting shawarma… Please tell me everyone stayed to watch the two post-credit scenes!*&%  Oh and did you get a chance to take a glimpse at the moon last night? According to TIME, the moon was shining 16% more than usual. Walking home from The Grove last night allowed for an adequate amount of time staring at the big night light guiding me home. 

There is something so rewarding about waking up early on a Sunday morning, drinking coffee and preparing for the busy week ahead. Internship applications need to be completed and sent out by tomorrow. Two group projects need to be completed by Tuesday. And four assignments for Thursday. As far as my internship goes, I need to continue to call PR departments and ask for samples to be sent into us for the July Issue as well as hi-res images for a different story for July. Very grateful for everything in my life. 

I will be home in a month. There are people that I am dying to spend time with: Sam, Jeff, Trish, Paula, Karen, Mom, Dad, Papa, Toby, and even though we never talk and sometimes I wonder if we are friends anymore, Brian.